A Small Review

A fellow writer passed on her ARC copy of Sirens, edited by Ms. Rhonda Parrish (with permission) when I was asked to participate in the blog tour.


I was instantly captivated by the romantic ideals of sirens and the differing ways they interacted with their surroundings. From the fisherman and the golem, who learned that not everything was as it seemed to the traditional tale of Penelope, Kalypso, and Odysseus, the authors weave tales of romance through the traditional and not so much to create an anthology with a little something for everyone.

Even if you don’t like myth based stories, I’d recommend checking out Sirens. It doesn’t stick with the traditional stories (going from high school to a fishing village to what appears to be London Town to outer space to cover the stories.)

All in all Sirens was an enjoyable read. Preorder it here and come back on July 12th to meet author Amanda Kespohl one of the contributors who’s The Fisherman and the Golem story was one of my favorites.


Until next time,