Flavors of Romance

There are many different flavors of romance and erotica. I recently had a friend tell me that my name was perfect for the type I wrote because I write “sweet” erotica.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not everyone’s choice when they pick up a book. And just because that’s what I write, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s all I read.

So I’d love to know, what do you read?

Do you like historical romance?

Science Fiction or Fantasy with romance as the plot?

Erotica with a twist of something naughtier?

I have two things that I am working on that will hopefully be ready for publication in the coming months. One is a romance with an erotica twist and a series of short stories. One is more science fiction with a threesome pairing. The first one is almost done (two of the stories are written and just need to be edited, the third needs to be finished). The second one is going through a massive re-write. So hopefully things will be ready soon.

I’d love comments from people about what they like. I’ve already got one author lined up to do a guest spot, but we’ll see what else happens.

Until next time,


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