Apology and Sign Off

So sorry I haven’t been posting. Life has been crazy so I’m going to sign off for the next few months and let this blog settle. I don’t have the time I’d like to devote to this endeavor and don’t want to short change anything.

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up, just postponing for a little bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to stop in and post little snippets and other things in the coming months, but please don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me.


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Introducing Amanda Kespohl

I’ve the great pleasure to introduce Amanda Kespohl today as part of the Sirens blog. Ms. Kespohl wrote “The Fisherman and the Golem” in that anthology, which I enjoyed greatly and has some thoughts on Love.


I’ll let her speak for the rest of this entry and be back next time with some more thoughts.

Sirens is live today! And you can purchase it on Amazon! or at World Weaver Press.


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Amanda Kespohl is a fantasy writer and appellate judicial clerk who lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with her beagle, Bailey. Her work has previously been featured in Alien Abduction, a science fiction and fantasy anthology released by Robot Cowgirl Press. She can be found on the web at https://amandakespohl.wordpress.com/ and on Twitter at @amandakespohl.



Love at First Sight

la belle dame sans merci“La Belle Dame Sans Merci” by Frank Dicksee (1902).


Christopher Marlowe once wrote, “Whoever loved that loved not at first sight?”1 This sentiment was echoed in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It.2 When it came to love at first sight as a plot point, Shakespeare was, himself, a repeat offender. In plays such as As You Like It, Twelfth Night, and Romeo and Juliet, his characters swooned over one another after a single encounter. Of course, the concept of love at first sight was not Shakespeare’s invention. In fairy tales, one magic moment has long been all that was required for couples to fall in love—one dance, one kiss, sometimes even a single smile. Similarly, love at first sight played a role in Greek mythology, often brought about by the mischief of Cupid’s arrows.3 However, in these modern times, is there still a place for love at first sight in fiction?


I’ve debated the matter with a friend who is the realist to my romantic. By now, we’ve thoroughly discussed all the pros and cons of relying on love at first sight as a plot point. The obvious con is that it might sound improbable to a modern reader, this notion that a character can determine with one look who his/her ideal mate is. You would expect a couple to need to spend time with each other to develop the rapport required for real, lasting love. Yet, even in our fact-bound world, one hears accounts of a twin who can sense when the other is hurt even when they’re miles apart, or a mother who senses when her children need her without being told. Given these phenomena, can love at first sight be completely discounted?


Indeed, there is some research that backs up the notion that a first impression may be a crucial factor in a relationship. In one study, participants were paired together to talk for three, six, or ten minutes, and then asked to make a prediction as to whether a relationship would result.4 Regardless of the length of time they spent together, it was discovered that a strong first impression was a better predictor for an ensuing relationship than the number of things the pair had in common, when the researchers followed up with them nine weeks later.5


Even beyond the question of whether it is realistic, the further question I have to ask myself as a writer is: does it need to be? Some of us read to escape—to dwell temporarily in a world where taxes, bills, and our own personal responsibilities don’t exist. In the pages of a good book, it can be refreshing to see evil-doers punished and good rewarded, something that doesn’t always occur consistently in the real world. Similarly, it can be compelling to become engrossed in a relationship that seems almost predestined. It’s a romantic notion. And if it’s written well enough, who cares whether it’s realistic?


Besides, as a fantasy writer, my genre is peopled by dragons, fairies, mermaids, and unicorns. Is love at first sight really any more improbable that the existence of such creatures? And practically speaking, some plots don’t leave room to describe how the prince and princess met, went out a few times, met each other’s parents, then moved in together for a while to make sure the chemistry was right before they got married. Sometimes, love at first sight is a necessary device to keep the plot wheels turning.


Myself, I prefer a compromise—a strong initial attraction buttressed by further interaction. In my short story, “The Fisherman and the Golem,” from the Sirens anthology edited by Rhonda Parrish, the fisherman is unquestionably smitten by his first glimpse of the beautiful golem. However, in the days to come, it’s her mannerisms and her gentle nature that truly win his heart.


The bottom line is that a well-written love scene can make even the most stubborn of us doubt our own skepticism. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to believe that it could be so simple? Personally, I can believe in a great many things on the page that I might scoff at in real life. So I say, let the sparks fly and the sighs ring out.




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Sirens Blog Tour

Happy Tuesday! I’m dropping in to let you know I’ll have a guest in a few days to celebrate the release of the book I reviewed in my last post. One of the authors from the anthology, Sirens has written a post and I will be sharing it with all of you on the release day, July 12th! I’ve already read it and I am super excited. Meanwhile I thought I’d share the blog tour so you know what to look for and the links of the posts that are already active. Hopefully I’ll have more links as the posts go up.

Until next time,

From Rhonda Parrish’s Site:

The release date for Sirens keeps inching closer and closer. To celebrate it I’ve organised a blog tour, and I’m pretty stinkin’ stoked about this one Beginning tomorrow a series of blog posts will go live on my blog here as well as several other locations across the web. The incomplete and tentative schedule looks something like this:

Sirens Blog Tour Schedule

June 28, 29th and 30th
Rhonda hosts “Of Sirens and Sorrow” three part mini-series by Amanda Kespohl
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

July 5th
Rhonda hosts “Why I Wrote Safe Waters For Sirens” by Simon Kewin

July 7th
Rhonda hosts “The Drama in Japanese Dramas” by Eliza Chan

July 12th (Release Day)
Pippa Jay hosts an announcement with an excerpt
Beth Cato hosts an announcement with her blurb
Mia Rose hosts a guest post by Amanda Kespohl
Tons of announcements from those directly involved in the book

July 13th
Elesha Teskey hosts a guest post by Tabitha Lord
Simon Kewin hosts a guest post by Michael Leonberger
Laura VanArendonk Baugh hosts a guest post by Eliza Chan
Rhonda hosts The Horrors in the Closet by Adam Bealby

July 14th
Stephanie Cain hosts a guest post by Tamsin Showbrook
Hayley Stone hosts a guest post by Amanda Kespohl
Rhonda hosts Voices in my Head… by Tabitha Lord

July 15th
Anna Kyle hosts a guest post by Adam Bealby
Linn Arvidsson hosts an interview, subject TBD
Samantha Saboviec hosts three question interviews
Rhonda hosts flash fiction, Listen and Repeat by Tamsin Showbrook

July 16th
Dea Poirier hosts an announcement and giveaway
Reb Kreyling hosts a guest post by L.S. Johnson
Rhonda hosts Literary Crush by Michael Leonberger

July 18th
Paul A. Hamilton hosts interviews with K.T. Ivanrest, Cat McDonald and Randall G. Arnold
Tiffany Michelle Brown hosts an interview, subject TBD
Rhonda hosts Notes on “We Are Sirens” by L.S. Johnson

July 19th
Rhonda hosts Four (and a half) Things I Learned Writing Threshold by K.T. Ivanrest

July 20th
Rhonda hosts Notefisher alternative opening by Cat McDonald

I am excited to be able to share all these extra perspectives, alternate openings, flash fiction and so much more over the coming days and weeks This is, as I said, a tentative schedule though and I will be traveling during some of this period so I may not do an awesome job of keeping it up-to-date. All the same, I wanted to show some skeleton idea of what the blog tour is going to look like. I hope you’ll visit some of the stops.

A Small Review

A fellow writer passed on her ARC copy of Sirens, edited by Ms. Rhonda Parrish (with permission) when I was asked to participate in the blog tour.


I was instantly captivated by the romantic ideals of sirens and the differing ways they interacted with their surroundings. From the fisherman and the golem, who learned that not everything was as it seemed to the traditional tale of Penelope, Kalypso, and Odysseus, the authors weave tales of romance through the traditional and not so much to create an anthology with a little something for everyone.

Even if you don’t like myth based stories, I’d recommend checking out Sirens. It doesn’t stick with the traditional stories (going from high school to a fishing village to what appears to be London Town to outer space to cover the stories.)

All in all Sirens was an enjoyable read. Preorder it here and come back on July 12th to meet author Amanda Kespohl one of the contributors who’s The Fisherman and the Golem story was one of my favorites.


Until next time,


Flavors of Romance

There are many different flavors of romance and erotica. I recently had a friend tell me that my name was perfect for the type I wrote because I write “sweet” erotica.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not everyone’s choice when they pick up a book. And just because that’s what I write, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s all I read.

So I’d love to know, what do you read?

Do you like historical romance?

Science Fiction or Fantasy with romance as the plot?

Erotica with a twist of something naughtier?

I have two things that I am working on that will hopefully be ready for publication in the coming months. One is a romance with an erotica twist and a series of short stories. One is more science fiction with a threesome pairing. The first one is almost done (two of the stories are written and just need to be edited, the third needs to be finished). The second one is going through a massive re-write. So hopefully things will be ready soon.

I’d love comments from people about what they like. I’ve already got one author lined up to do a guest spot, but we’ll see what else happens.

Until next time,

Sexy Witches Trailer and Giveaway


Witching isn’t easy, and these magical hotties have their cauldrons full.

The Witch:
A potion gone wrong, or right?
Single, unemployed, and in charge of her very own pet zombie, Ella Perry is cooking up trouble, and it’s raining men.
The Pixie:
Be careful what you wish for, or better yet, what you allow your friends to wish for.
As Samuel the Dark’s ward, Tam the Pixie is living in the mortal realm under the watchful eye of her guardian angel, Thomas. However, when she gives Thomas one free wish, she never expects that he’ll use it to turn her life upside down.
The Angel:
Temptation so strong you can taste it.
Guardian Angel Gideon Black has found a new career since being granted his freedom from the Heavens. Working as a professional fighter has given Gideon a place to release his powers. However, he has another outlet in mind—Skylar Jones.
The Devil:
Because only the dead go there…
Once upon a time, Rowena pulled Randall Cruz into a supernatural fight to regain her powers. In retaliation, Randall cast a spell that gave him the control she seeks. Except for a few angels, a zombie, and an outrageous pixie, Randall enjoyed his quiet life as owner of the local apothecary before Rowena pushed her way in. Since the day they met, he’s been forced to battle a pirate, give up wearing glasses, and now deal with the Devil. Every day, he braces for what will come next.
Undeniable attraction, struggle for dominance, and love to last through the ages comes to life in this battle for the only uncontrollable element– the heart.


Sexy Witches

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Enter the Giveaway


I’m still working on what all I want to say here and how I’m going to introduce myself, but I had the opportunity to do a post for another writer. I didn’t want that to be my first post, so thought I would say hi and how ya doin’ before I shared the post and giveaway.

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing bits from some of my stories, interviews and other guest author appearances, and whatever strikes my fancy. Please be aware that this is an adult blog. I write romance with an erotic turn so this is not for under 18. And some of the writers I share will be erotica writers. If this bothers you, please find another writer to visit.

For now, I’m going to bid you adieu and share the trailer and giveaway for Sexy Witches.

Until next time,